First Natural Vaccine-Colostrum

  • What is Colostrum?

Colostrum has been in use ever since the evolution of mankind. It is also known as ‘First Natural Vaccine’.  Bovine Colostrum consists of over 80+ biologically active compounds. These include immune and growth factors, enzymes, antibodies and many other nutrients that the human body requires for optimum growth, function to stay healthy. Apart from support in early life, we can also reap the benefits of this nutrient-rich liquid in all the stages of over life in the form of Bovine Colostrum. It contains antibodies, proteins, and other essential nutrients necessary for boosting the immune system & enhancing growth factors useful for all.

  • Why is Colostrum Important?

The production of Immune Growth Factors gets slowed down as one age. Colostrum contributes significantly to the overall healthy & long-term development for all, providing 360° Health for all. The undeniable & numerous benefits of Colostrum include Immunity & Energy Booster, Supporting brain health, sports performance, allergy management, gut health, heart health, diabetes management, Cancer therapy support, kidney functions, etc. With powerful immune-boosting properties, colostrum contains antibodies and provides protection against environmental germs and internal inflammation throughout life.

  • Where can you get Colostrum?

Colostrum can be added to the diet of an adult human through supplement.It should be noted that only surplus colostrum is collected for our dietary supplements after the calves get all that it needs. The cattle are treated with utmost love and care under extremely hygienic conditions. Our Colostrum Brand is known as Blistrum which is World Class in Quality and is 100% Colostrum which is processed under special cold conditions retaining its rich bioactive compounds, free from foreign particles. Taking the advisable amount of Blistrum Colostrum Capsules /Tablets/ Powder can help to boost immunity and offer more related benefits in humans throughout life.

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