Mental Health Crisis

We all try to live our life practically when it comes to our physical as well as mental health. Physical health can be taken care of with medications but mental health demands more than medication which can be less effective over a time. With everyone trying hard to achieve a perfect life, the gap between one’s expectations and reality, the journey to achieve this dream can make it difficult to handle situations at times. When one rides this roller coaster of emotions, one also has to deal with stress and anxiety.People often go into denial mode, frustration when dealing with stress and anxiety. These factors lead to rise in mental health issues.


Lack of sensitiveness towards mental health, inability to communicate & share emotions, further aggravate the issues. These feelings gradually become intense and start effecting our everyday life & the quality of our life. This is where it attention & intervention is required. Unfortunately, in the current situation, there has been an alarming rise in the number of people with mental health issues. Mental health issues are real & exists like any other disease. Instead of understanding & helping people to deal with it, we tend to ignore it as mental health issues are rarely considered to be an issue.


We must understand that being a human, it’s okay to be wrong at times, and acceptance of the situation will make it easier to appreciate the present moment. We can always reach out to someone who can help. We need to pause & stop overthinking and spend a moment to consider& evaluate whether our negative actions are really worth it. Engaging in productive & self-care activities can help you live a happy and contented life.


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