Celebrate Diwali in a Healthy way

The biggest festival of the year, the festival of lights is nearing and you can feel it already with the tempting smell of traditional delicacies, the lightings all around, everything makes up for the Diwali spirit. Everyone wants to celebrate and have fun during Diwali.


Following are a few tips to keep this spirit & celebration healthy:


1- Be mindful when having your favorite sweets & snacks. Enjoying the delicacies in smaller quantities & choosing healthier options will help you feel lighter & healthier.


2- Try to stay away from processed packed food. Make your own snacks by using healthy flours and by baking instead of frying the dishes.


3- To feel energetic & lively, stay hydrated. Drink a lot of water.

4- Avoid over-eating your favorite dishes. Manage what & how much you eat, have small portions of whatever you consume.


5- Be careful with firecrackers. With respiratory ailments going up, try to go for a cracker-less Diwali however if you can’t do they at least wear a mask to cover your mouth & nose.


5- Do not skip doing the physical activities/work-out to keep a check on your weight & health.


Stay Healthy, Stay Safe, and have a wonderful Diwali celebration!!!

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