Vehicle Electrification – The Future of Driving

In the past few months, we could experience cleaner air and clearer skies.Air pollution reduced drastically due to the effect of lockdown on transport and vehicles off the road.This pandemic has given us an opportunity to understand our relation with the nature. Electrified Transport (E-mobility) is the future of driving which can contribute towards environmental sustainability.


Benefits of driving electric vehicles:



Electric vehicles help in saving money significantly by cutting down on expenses spent on fuel & maintenance costs. Overall lifetime costs are lower compared to other vehicles.


Less pollution:

Reduces harmful air pollution as there are no tailpipe emissions and other vehicular-based emissions. Electric vehicles make much lower noise compared to other vehicles, leading to less noise pollution.


Better for our health:

Less air & noise pollution naturally contributes to better health and fewer expenses on illness related to pollutions.



With exciting multiple initiatives currently being developed to promote and adopt electric vehicles which promise to cut down the charging times, extend the range of electric vehicles manufactured, and considering the climate crisis, this is the perfect time to switch to driving an Electric vehicle.


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